Sunday, November 9, 2008


So here it was a Saturday and we had nothing to do (oh sure, i could clean the house or do laundry but who wants to do that) so we headed off to Dinosaur, Colorado. Why? Lotto tickets of course. We had 20.00 bucks burning a hole in our pockets, 3 restless kids, some snacks and a full tank of gas, and we were off. Of course the kids were miserable the whole time, the movie they were watching froze up (i am sure it was scratched up), and the remote batteries were dead, so in the end we had to shut it off. That is when it got crazy. They were laughing and screaming and such. In such tight quarters that is not a good thing. We made it to Dinosaur, we went to the Loaf & Jug and Mike bought 15.00 worth of tickets (scratchoffs) and we took the kids to the park across the street so they could play while we scratched away (envisioning of course, thoughts of winning the big money. Big Money!). Well we only won 6.00 but it was fun.

We had to take pics of kids by the dinosaur.

When we pulled into the park parking lot these guys were only like 20 feet or so away , they backed off a bit but stuck around for a few minutes.

This guy was hiding but he eventually made an appearance.

This was also at the park. I thought it was interesting.

I love that there streets are named after the dinosaurs. I would live here just to say I live on Brontosaurus street.

We headed home but not before stopping for dinner. Taco Bell. Kids choice.

When we got home the kids decided they wanted Root Beer floats. So we went and bought the stuff for those. We then watched Journey to the Center of the Earth to finish out our night.


kitchenditcher said...

What a great day! I loved the Brontosaurus road sign.

What smart kids! Taco Bell is a personal favorite! Topped off with root beer floats.

Can't get any better than that!

Romney family said...

how fun! man, I want to live on Brontosaurus street. or some cool street name like that. mine is not very fun :( ha ha, anyway, how are you girl???

Redhoodoos said...

Is the place you went the same as Dinosaur Park in Vernal? I've never been there. Wait - der - I just realized you said dinosaur, CO. Must have been dinosaur mecca in that area of the country.

The kids are sooooo flippin cute. Give them hugs from me!