Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

After the corn maize we decided that we would order some pizza and have a fun pumpkin carving night. Sometimes things do not always work out the way you want them to but you make do. Right.
Well "Q" spent the night digging the gunk out of the pumpkin and then flinging it around the kitchen. Funny. "L" got really upset because her pumpkin did not look right. Keep in mind that she is 7 and we really don't carve pumpkins often. She is our drama queen. "K" had a blast, she loved the pumpkin seeds so much that she sneaked some raw ones upstairs and ate them, so I could not tell her she should not do that until I cooked them.

Don't worry we had a very good eye on him.

Mikes pumpkin

"K's" Pumpkin (with a lot of dad's help)

"L's" pumpkin (after a lot of drama and with a lot of dad's help)

"Q's " Pumpkin (ended up being with a lot of dad's help also) I am not quite sure what I was doing. I know that I ended up cleaning out all of the pumpkins except Mike's maybe that is what I was doing.

Here is the pumpkin I did. It started with Mike's suggestion that I do a Pepsi Cola pumpkin. I had no better ideas.

Our Corn Maze adventure.

Now this was a fun day for us. We went to our local corn maize.

Here is what the web page says they have:
a Corn Box

a Pumpkin Launcher
a Corn Launcher

a Cow Train
a Hayride

a Pumpkin Patch
a Hay Jump

a PVC Slide

as well as the maize. Here are our adventures:

My kids all loved the cow train. They rode it twice.

"K" on the PVC slide. I think, oddly, that this was their favorite. For some reason though she was terrified to go down sitting up, so this is how she did it.

"Q" enjoying the PVC slide.

This is the tube slide that was attached to the hay jump. "Q" went down once and biffed it at the end so he would not do it again. The girls had fun.

The Hayride from the farm, where the maize was located, to the pumpkin patch.

We chose our pumpkin.

Look at our pumpkin!

This is a pic of "Q" while he was feeding the goats. He thought it was hilarious to get right up to them and then throw the food at them.

They were very friendly and ate the food right out of your hands.

"L" has been to the maize with school previously so she thought that she could get us through it but dad had to come to her rescue and guide us out.

"Q" was not a happy camper throughout the maize. We made him walk with us and he did not like it. He wanted carried.

"K" is so mellow. She was just along for the fun.

"K" in the corn box. Oddly they also loved this adventure.

"L" playing in the corn.

I never got a pic of "Q" , he did not venture far in and every time he did and I tried to take a pic someone got in the way.

The maize was fun and we had a good day. They had a few hidden fees that we were aware of. For example: The kids all hopped into the cow for a good fun Cow Train ride, and then we were told it was 1.00 per person. Ouch. But they were already in so we had to pay. They loved it so much they 'puppy dog eyed us' into another ride. Another $3.00 ouch. The ride to the pumpkin patch was free but you don't know how much the pumpkins you choose are, until you get back to the farm. We paid $3.00 for one pumpkin. The pumpkin launcher and Corn launcher also cost money. We never ended up doing those. We were there for about 2 hours or so and we had a good time. We will probably do it again next year.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ok so my kids decided they like to jump on everything so for "K's" B-day we bought her a new jump house, it has been a huge hit. If they start jumping on furniture I say "we are not supposed to jump on the (couch) (bed) whatever" and they say "Jump house only" and take off running for it. It is the best ever. There are so many emotions that kids go through and I have seen them all with this toy. One second happy, laughing, giggling fun. The next is anger and crying and pain. It has been a blast!

However it did not last long, with at least 4 kids a day (and usually much more) playing in it , it has not lasted long. It has 3 holes in it and they are all in seams so I can not seem to get them to seal. So everyday I air it up and it lasts like 20 minutes. So we do that over and over.
Oh what I will do for kids entertainment.

My Handsome Guy!

He chose to wear this cute jacket and hat and we just had to get pictures.

I almost forgot

My mom came to visit the other day and she had planned and prepared a great fun cookie making, shaping and frosting day. We also made ghosts out of tootsie pops. It was chaos with lots of unexpected kids but so much fun. Somehow we managed to forget to take pics of all kids chipping in, these were from the time we were finishing up the last cookies to bake until they were done. We all had great fun!

This was rolling and shaping the cookies.

"L" was having so much fun.

The finished product.. sure were tasty.

Quick little update

So this last two weeks I suddenly started watching a 1 year old little girl. It all started on a Monday, this lady called me to see if I would be interested in this opportunity. We set up to meet that night and discuss everything. All went well and we decided she would come her first time that Friday. However just an hour later or so she called me back to see if she could bring her daughter on Tuesday morning and she would stay till one when her mom and sister got back from a shopping trip that they had planned. So I said ok. Tuesday turned into Wednesday and all the rest of the week. She is the cutest little girl, quiet, sweet and fun. No complaints at all. She has already grown on me. However she has never been around stairs before and I have two sets of stairs so suddenly I am using baby gates. My kids hate them. They felt like they were trapped. When they realized that they could get up and out by telling me they wanted out so that I could lift them over, well I became a body builder in training.
Yeah! I am pretty sure I will be a body builder by the time this little girl turns too.. Holy cow... Do you know how much a 7 year old weighs. And to lift from one step off level all the way over a gate, OUCH.. My 2, and 3 year old and the 4 year old I watch , well I think that they think it is fun to get lifted over the gates because I swear to you it is every two minutes. Like they get over the gate run around for one second and then they want over the gate again. It is exhausting.

I am working with the little girl to get used to the stairs but it is not easy all day to go up and down the stairs at her pace. And to watch her teetering at the very top and getting ready to topple, definitely gets a heart pounding.

Thats it for now a little update, nothing much.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


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Friday, October 10, 2008

Crazy Days...

Wow it seems like my days are cram packed but i don't actually accomplish anything at all. My house is never totally clean and my dishes are never totally done, but hey we are having fun. I currently watch a 4 year old on a daily basis, he is a great kid, quiet and fun. But I also watch my friends kids whenever they need help. Why? Because I love all of the kids that I watch so it is really no big thang, and two sometimes I make some extra cash that really helps out the family. Ecspecially with Christmas creeping in! This week and for the next few weeks I will be and have been watching my friends two kids for only an hour or so a day for 3 or 4 days a week so she can go to the chiropractor cause she threw her back out. I have another friend that is a massage therapist and gets calls to go meet a client on short notice and I have the luxury of being around to help her out when she needs me.

Today for example was a crazy day... I got kids up and dressed and we headed off to the park with friend and her two kids. The kids rode their bikes and trikes and had fun. We stayed until about 11:15 and then we headed back to my house to make lunch for our hubbies. At about noon another friend dropped off her daughter, because her husband is sick and had a doctors appointment. My hubby and Melissa's hubby came to the house for lunch about 12:05. And then another friend dropped off her two kids around 12:20 because she had a hair appointment. Around 1:30 my friend Melissa and her two kids left. Around 3 my friend came and got her 1 child and then around 3:30 the other two kids got picked up. All of my days are like that, every day. It keeps me so entertained and busy that my days are flying by, and my kids are having tons of fun because there is always some one around to play with.