Monday, September 29, 2008

Tagged # 1

Ok so this has only taken me about a week to do, but here it is!

Check at the very end to see if you have been tagged. Oh and rules are there is no straitening, cleaning or wiping any kids nose. Be prepared or NOT. Well I was not prepared and kinda embarrassed at my houses condition. Don't be TOO critical lol. It SAYS to do ten pics, but since when do I EVER do only a small amount of pics?
#1. KIDS




I sorta forgot to do this one, so this is the closest thing that I have today.



#8 Fridge



it says tag 6 so here it is: pretty much everyone on my list. Happy Blogging!

Tagged # 2

The rules of the tag are to name 7 random things about yourself and then tag 7 others. Let the randomness begin!

1. I hate the feeling of carpet on my feet. I almost always have socks or shoes on.

2. I will not eat certain foods because of there textures and sometimes there colors.

3. The thought of getting a massage, manicure or pedicure gives me anxiety because strange people would be touching me.

4. I have no organizational skills whatsoever. I also have no sense of interior decoration, my house is a bit bland(as in i have no clue how to decorate) and unorganized.

5. I eat pancakes with peanut butter on them. I love peanut butter. I dip pretzels in it. I love peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Almost anything with peanut butter is good.

6. I always wear an undershirt under my regular shirt. I do not know why I guess it just makes me feel more comfortable.

7. I love to watch old school T.V shows like: Saved by the bell, 90210, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and I also like to watch shows like Project Runway, Cake decorations, and reality shows like that.

Again I only have a few people on my list so anyone on my list is TAGGED!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Out with a toothache..

So I have not hardly even been online all week because I have been out with the worst toothache I have ever had (this being the only one I have ever had makes it the worst by default).I started my week out with throbbing gums, and pain that shot up into my ear making it feel like it would burst open , and then shooting into my head giving me a headache. I waited and waited for the pain to stop, not knowing what it was, but no it just kept getting worse. I finally caved and went to see a dentist, it turns out that I need a root canal or I need to get my tooth pulled. Now a root canal is going to cost me almost $1600.00 dollars and they want it upfront (obviously not easy to come up with) but I am terrified of either option. If i pull my tooth it will be much cheaper , but HELLO... I will be missing a tooth. Ughhhh,, I hate making decisions. I keep hearing that a root canal may not even be worth the money because they do not always hold.
Anywho.. thru all of this I have totally missed playing my Wii, I have just felt way to crappy. I have played like 2 times in 6 days. Now on the bright side, I was in so much pain I could not eat in as many days so I actually lost a few pounds anyway. I have not snacked, I have had very little soda pop.

Today I think that the antibiotics are kicking in because I have had minimal pain and have not had to use any pain pills they gave me. Lucky because I was getting low.

And that is a whole different story, the pain pills they gave me made me feel so crappy that i could not even take them, I had to cut them in half. This helped kill the pain a bit but not give me all the nauseated crappy feelings I was having. Apparently I am a wimp.

Long story short, I am feeling better because the antibiotics are working but I still have a decision to make: Root Canal........or ..............tooth pulled. I don't know what to do.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"My Wii Wii"

So we bought a new Wii and I knew that we would have to nickname our console, I knew this cause a friend recently bought one, but I was not around when Mike set up the Wii so he named it. Well I forgot about it for a few days but one day I remembered and asked Mike what he named it.

"My Wii Wii"

This is the name he chose. I think it is hillarious.

"Q" is 2 !

So we celebrated "Q's" birthday on Sunday and we had a blast!

We finally have boys toys, and not all girls toys...

All of the kids love this little truck, it is so easy for them to drive it. Great buy!
New tools, like daddies.

The cake

His favorite gift. He would not even got off of the trike to open presents. Everyone else opened presents for him. If he did get off, he watched it like a hawk and if anyone got near it , he would run rapidly for it and hop on it so no one else kid. Funny.
Getting ready to blow out the candle.

Just playing.

Sister playing with his toys.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just thinking...

Right now I have 2 kids that are 2 years old, but not twins. Kinda Weird.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I finally got a Wii !

I am so excited about having a nintendo wii, I have a friend that recently purchased this system and I have played the game FIT, and I love it. After each time I played I woke up the next day being a little sore from the exercises and things that you play. I felt great. Now I have my own. Yes!

That is pretty muh the most exciting thing so far that has happened to me this week....

" Q" is sick.

I have decided (if things work out) that I am going to babysit for someone on a daily basis, so that will be a little extra income , I guess.

We shopped for "Q's" birthday gift since his birthday is coming up and hw will be 2 years old. My baby is going to be 2. Can't believe it.

My husband got a 1.00 per hour raise and his monthly bonus is supposed to double, that is always good. (I wish)

Oh, I have recently become excited that Christmas is coming soon, can you believe it. It is going to be so fun this year. We have actually decided to start now as opposed to starting in mid December, because that usually leads to bitterness about this blessed holiday. We are also thinking that since we live in a small town with limited options we may shop online this year. We have also decided that since we have a house that we love, we want to decorate outside, which is something we have never done before.

Last friday I was fortunate enough to have a moms night out with some friends, we went to the local bowling alley (which was pretty much empty except for us) and bowled a few rounds, ate some good food, and hung out with some really fun people. We stayed out til 11 and I got a bit tired but I had fun.

Last but not least I found out that my mom may come visit soon, and I am so excited for that.

This ended up being much longer than anticipated. All photos courtesy photobucket!