Saturday, November 29, 2008


From the mouth of my 7 year old.

"Dad why is it that every time I see Santa he has a different wife."

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Another failed attempt

So after about 5 hours last night my kids were fine. Threw up a few times , got it out of their systems and they were up and running today like nothing happened yesterday. So today was a good day. Hubby had to work, so I ran a few errands, we saw santa, and hung out with friends. I had a babysitter so that hubby and I could go to dinner and see Twilight movie. Hubby got home on time (well at least early enough to go to dinner and a movie). I started to get a little sick, took some immodium and we were on our way. Dropped kids off and went to JB's for dinner. Good food, good eats but by this time I knew I was not making it through a movie, (at least not without missing half the movie anyway) not only that but hubby had been up since 4:30 am and was literally dozing off in the car. Needless to say I put hubby to bed, picked up kids and we (well they) are all tucked into bed. I am trying. And Twilight tickets will be purchased another night.

Santa Claus is coming to town.....already.

This was met with severe hesitation from my youngest child. He really wanted nothing to do with it at all. However the lure of treat bags eventually sent him running, so fast that he fell and cracked his chin on the steps. Obviously he made it eventually, but not super happily.
The lighting was not great.

Friday, November 21, 2008


So I had this great day planned: First, I am watching my friends 3 kids so that they can go to Twilight movie at 4:30 and dinner. Then they were going to take my kids so my husband and I could go to dinner and the late movie. Was. I am still watching my friends kids but in the meantime both of my younger kids start throwing up everywhere. At almost the exact same time. Go figure. NO Twilight for me tonight. Disappointed.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not me kid

I have a Not Me kid. What I mean by that is that every time I say something, she says "Not me". It does not matter what I say she says " Not Me" , sometimes she proceeds to say "Not Q" , "Not L", "Not mom", and "Not dad".
This was all very cute the first few times she said this, but now it has been months and it is getting crazy annoying. I love her but I hope that this stage ends soon!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


So here it was a Saturday and we had nothing to do (oh sure, i could clean the house or do laundry but who wants to do that) so we headed off to Dinosaur, Colorado. Why? Lotto tickets of course. We had 20.00 bucks burning a hole in our pockets, 3 restless kids, some snacks and a full tank of gas, and we were off. Of course the kids were miserable the whole time, the movie they were watching froze up (i am sure it was scratched up), and the remote batteries were dead, so in the end we had to shut it off. That is when it got crazy. They were laughing and screaming and such. In such tight quarters that is not a good thing. We made it to Dinosaur, we went to the Loaf & Jug and Mike bought 15.00 worth of tickets (scratchoffs) and we took the kids to the park across the street so they could play while we scratched away (envisioning of course, thoughts of winning the big money. Big Money!). Well we only won 6.00 but it was fun.

We had to take pics of kids by the dinosaur.

When we pulled into the park parking lot these guys were only like 20 feet or so away , they backed off a bit but stuck around for a few minutes.

This guy was hiding but he eventually made an appearance.

This was also at the park. I thought it was interesting.

I love that there streets are named after the dinosaurs. I would live here just to say I live on Brontosaurus street.

We headed home but not before stopping for dinner. Taco Bell. Kids choice.

When we got home the kids decided they wanted Root Beer floats. So we went and bought the stuff for those. We then watched Journey to the Center of the Earth to finish out our night.

Friday, November 7, 2008

I Confess...

I am addicted to the Twilight Series. I know. I know.
I have read the first two books and I am starting my 3rd book now, and I cannot wait to read what is going to happen next. I have adamantly refused, in the past, to read this book. Vampires, how cheesy.. but my friend read the first book and loved it so much she ran out the same night and bought the series, and then she talked me into reading them. I think they are great, I have to know what is going to happen next and I cannot usually foresee or even guess what will happen next. So I am off .... to read. Just had to share.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random Thought

So i was thinking...(scary heh?)
We spend all of our childrens beginning years teaching them never to talk to or take candy from strangers. And then Halloween rolls around and we take our kids to strangers houses to get strange candy?

Kind of Amusing.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Celebrity Crush

I borrowed a movie from a friend the other day, she made me watch it because she is in love with the main character. So I watched the movie and quite frankly I thought that neither the movie or the man in the movie were very good. This lead us into a conversation about our celebrity crushes.

So here it is, my celebrity crush:

OK. So maybe you saw that one coming, but he is so beautiful!
My questions to all of you:
1. Do you have a celebrity crush? If so who?
2. Does having this celebrity crush in a movie affect your vision of the movie? Do you always like all of there shows no matter what? etc...
3. Or does having your celebrity crush play in a movie you dislike affect the way you see your crush at all?

Do tell.....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 08'

This is "K" and Eli together.



Some wagon fun

We went to our local grocery store and they had the best treats!

Could not wait to eat some CANDY

This was a really cool looking house that the kids trick or treated, unfortunately no one was home.

We had such a fun Halloween. My mom came down and we all went down to main street, they were doing a main street trick or treat. It was fun but chaotic and there were tons of people everywhere. After main street we went to one of our local grocery stores because they were handing out treats. They gave each kid 2 or 3 handfuls of candy, a soda, a full size candy bar, and a bag of nutter butter cookies. Very cool. After that we went home and visited the houses in our neighborhood. We visited with family for a few and then we hopped in the car and went to see more family. Got some dinner, went home and ate and went to bed. It was a good , fun night.