Thursday, April 23, 2009

Apologies in advance...

I apparently have been way behind in blogging cause I just added 4 or 5 new blogs. Sorry about that....

Grandma and Grandpa's house

We went to visit my parents today and my kids were running around the house in their motorcycle helmets. It was really cute.

Grandpa was tickling her back- she loved it and kept going back for more.

10-4 Goodbuddy!
Grandma and Grandpas Motorcycle helmets are equipped with microphones so they can talk to each other while cruising.. My kids were just playing but it was cute.


not the best pics cause they were taken on my phone.

We went Bowling last weekend and it was the first time the two "littles" have gone. It was hard work but tons of fun.


Big family Easter Egg hunt
(including Easter Egg hunt, Hay ride without hay, and good food and fun)

Park fun on Easter day

Easter Morning

Easter was a fun day: we woke up and saw what the Easter Bunny brought and then we gathered up some family and we all went and hung out at the park. Played had fun, and then we were off to a family Easter egg hunt that is really big and really fun.

Random Pic

Just wanted to post a cute pic of my husband and son together.

Dr. Visit

Q being kind of scared.

These were the light covers they had in the room. The kids thought they were cool.

K not looking super sick, but we knew she had an ear infection before we even went.

I can't explain it but "K" loves the dr. office and everything about it. None of my other kids have ever liked the thought of anything about a dr.

My Birthday

This is typically an uneventful day for me but my mom came a few days early and made me a birthday dinner. I chose homemade pizza, and it was really good. She brought some great noise makers for the kids- we had cake and ice cream and it was a fun night.