Thursday, August 28, 2008

Compiling a whole week....

So on Friday we went to the Splash Park, and spent the whole day there. The kids had a blast and "L" got to have a fun day before school started, and I had my little brother with me and that was awesome too. On Saturday night we enjoyed "The Ultimate Combat Experience". My husband bought a table so us and some friends could go to the fight. Well our table ended up being like right next to the cage so that was really awesome. I ended up having a really good time, I was not sure what to expect and it was kinda gruesome at times but it was fun. After the fight we went to a friends house and played Rock Band for a few hours. I can tell you this... I have no hand eye coordination because I suck at this game.

My mom was watching the children, and just stayed the night at our house so that we could go. Right as my mom had shown up on Saturday I turned on the oven to preheat cause it was dinner time and we left. On our way to the fights I recieved a call.." We had a near cotastrophe, but it has been diverted" at this point I hear the smoke alarm going off in the background. "When I opened the oven to put in the pizza , we found a half cooked Hannah Montana doll and the smell of burning plastic has set off your alarm, and the alarm won't stop". My only advice.."Open some windows and fan the smell or disconnect the alarm". I had to calm a devastated 7 year old and assure her that we would get her a new one.

The only downfall was that Mike was on-call and ended up having to go to work at 8am on Sunday.

Since Mike was not home on Sunday I decided to go shopping. Not as fun as it sounds with 3 kids. I went to our local store, and tried as a might, they did not have what I was looking for. So after some contemplation, and going home to get more money, I decided to drive 30 miles to our local Walmart. I will first say this.. My kids are great, they really did well. But it was like this. My first stop was to find an over the door organizer, that was pretty uneventful, I found them with no hitches. Kids started fighting over drink. I stopped in an aisle and aided in the sharing of a drink. About 3 minutes. I headed for the Lunch boxes, Mike needed a new one, when I got there I did not know exactly what he was looking for. So I did some texting and looking and calling. I really got nowhere I could not decide. My kids decided they were hungry. I went all the way to the other corner of the store and got them food, popcorn chicken and barbeque chicken. My kids loved the food , but again we had sharing issues and alot of messiness. While they were eating, we went to the clothing section to find "L" a pair of levis for school. Went to wash all kids. Back to clothes. After searching the whole section we found about 5 pair of pants or capris that were her size. That was all they had. We went to the fitting rooms for her to try them on. After the first pair "K" says "I gotta go potty". So I make "L" put her clothes back on so we can go. Well once there "K" won't go and we were in there forever trying. Back to dressing rooms. After awhile she finally chooses her clothes, we put the others back and head off to electronics. And we realize that "L" does not have her shoes. Back to dressing room. Back to electronics. They do not have what I needed there- Aerosmith guitar hero game for Mike. Back to lunch boxes, finally choosing one. Next stop... Rannie gave "L" money to replace the Hannah doll with a new one, however she decided she did not want a Hannah doll, so we had to walk the toy aisle. Of course all of the kids are now excited and starting to get rambuncsious, and they all want something. Well finally she decides she wants nail polish for school ( I can handle nail polish, anything else , no way..) , so we go to make up. She finally chooses nail polish, but sees the makeup cases, so we spend more time looking. Finally time to go, we get to the check out and they are so busy that every aisle is spilling into the clothes. RRRRRRRRR. We are ready to go , kids getting super fussy and I am tired. I get them drinks. Remember that I need batteries, run the checkstands looking for them. Wait in line for 1/2 hour, finally onward home.

This was a very long day, and still had to get "L" ready for school the next day.

Sorry that day was probably really boring for you, but I had to get it out of my head.

Monday was back to getting up early, battling a slightly ornery, and very tired but excited child. Normally she rides the bus, but today she wanted a ride, so I woke up other kids and got them dressed and we headed off to school. I needed to go to the store but it did not open til' 9 and it was only 8 am so we went to the park, after dropping "L" off at school. That was the most eventful thing of this day.

Tuesday "L" had a back to school night, so my parents watched my kids while we took "L" so that we could meet her teacher. After that we went to dinner and then picked up the kids.

Wednesday was the day that my computer went KAPUT! It will not turn on at all. So I had to spend one whole day with out internet access (this is harder than it sounds). I also was able to help a friend pack up some of her kitchen because they are having mold issues. Later that night I drove out to my parents and picked up there old computer tower. Finally internet access.

Thursday I had a friend come over for lunch and then we went to another friends house and the kids played with fingerpaints and playdough, ate fruit pizza and cookies, played in the water and in whole just had a blast.

That sums up my week.


Redhoodoos said...

Okay. I'm not sure which event would be the most terrifying - the fire (Shudder) - the shopping with three kids (Shiver)- or no internet access (Kill me NOW)! Yeah, as much as I think my head would probably spin off during a shopping event like yours - I just don't think I could live without the internet.

More importantly, though - Why was there a Hannah Montana doll in your oven? Inquiring minds just want to know!

Glad you made it alive.

Redhoodoos said...

BTW - I think the rock band hand-eye coordination deficiency thing is genetic. I can't do it either. Sigh.