Thursday, August 7, 2008

I need my Tator Tot by my side!

Wow! You probably now think that I am crazy, and well maybe I am but let me explain. My middle child has become known as Tators or Tator Tot to me, I do not know how or why but that is what I call her, and that is what she answers to. So you see in my house this is a common statement. Weird but common. I thought I would share some other commonly weird or funny things you may here at my house.

First kids nicknames: "Princess", "Lou Lou", "Tators", " Tator Tot", "Q", "Shwenton", "Chunky Monkey", "Silly Billy", "Crazy", "Beautiful", "Handsome", "Stinky Bo Binky" perhaps I could go on but I will stop there.

Crazy words that I hear:

"Denna" = this means I want to watch Dennis the Menace ( I have no idea how I figured that out).

"Denna Sar" =somehow means the same as Denna, apparently depends on his mood.

"Froop"= pretty obviously just fruit

"Unwear"= means I want to wear underwear

"Sackett"= Not going into much detail, only boys and men have them and they dangle.

"VV"= T.V

"Bob Bob Pants"= Sponge Bob Square Pants ( unfortunately popular with my kids)

"Undressed"=oddly I found out that this means Under Arrest

I end up with statements like" Chunky monkey wants Bob Bob Pants", and "I need my Tator Tot by my side"

As a parent I find myself making up funny songs, making funny faces to make my kids laugh, dancing around just for the heck of it, laughing at things that really should not be funny.
The joys of parent hood!