Friday, September 5, 2008

I finally got a Wii !

I am so excited about having a nintendo wii, I have a friend that recently purchased this system and I have played the game FIT, and I love it. After each time I played I woke up the next day being a little sore from the exercises and things that you play. I felt great. Now I have my own. Yes!

That is pretty muh the most exciting thing so far that has happened to me this week....

" Q" is sick.

I have decided (if things work out) that I am going to babysit for someone on a daily basis, so that will be a little extra income , I guess.

We shopped for "Q's" birthday gift since his birthday is coming up and hw will be 2 years old. My baby is going to be 2. Can't believe it.

My husband got a 1.00 per hour raise and his monthly bonus is supposed to double, that is always good. (I wish)

Oh, I have recently become excited that Christmas is coming soon, can you believe it. It is going to be so fun this year. We have actually decided to start now as opposed to starting in mid December, because that usually leads to bitterness about this blessed holiday. We are also thinking that since we live in a small town with limited options we may shop online this year. We have also decided that since we have a house that we love, we want to decorate outside, which is something we have never done before.

Last friday I was fortunate enough to have a moms night out with some friends, we went to the local bowling alley (which was pretty much empty except for us) and bowled a few rounds, ate some good food, and hung out with some really fun people. We stayed out til 11 and I got a bit tired but I had fun.

Last but not least I found out that my mom may come visit soon, and I am so excited for that.

This ended up being much longer than anticipated. All photos courtesy photobucket!


Romney family said...

hey! thanks for stopping by my blog. I was going to tell you how much fun I love the wii.... but I think you got that from my blog. I am so weird sometimes, how i get so excited!! ha ha. but my husband and I are literally playing the fit right now. I just came to check my messages. guess I should stop being lazy. :) anyway ENJOY your games!! fun stuff!! what is your favorite?? have you played the different mii games??

Romney family said...

Oh, thank you! She is so fun! oh yeah I LOVE that marble game. I passed it, but don't dare move on to the harder second you one you have to un lock. the hula hoop one makes me SO sore! its fun to watch my hubby do it. :) The dance-step thing one is awesome, that is the one I can do really well. this is fun talking about it with someone because not alot of my friends have one and know what i am talking about! how are you enjoying being a stay at home mom? it is very rewarding I think. so fun!

Redhoodoos said...


You have gotten me excited about the Wii. I'm going to look online at the different games etc. I think that's a great idea - especially in the winter time. You can stay indoors and exercise. I'll seriously look into it.

I'm excited about Christmas too. Just wish my house was as cute as yours!! lol

Happy Birthday cutie Q!! Aunt Jodster loves you!!

Congrats on the raise and the bonus $! That's the best. Good luck with the babysitting. I did that for a while. Your kids will have fun with a new little friend around.

Romney family said...

we have the sport one too. I love the bowling. because it is the only bowling I am actually good at! :) yes, I stay home with Ireland. I had to stop working when i was 4 months pregnant, and by the time I had her, we decided I would just stay home with her. I love every minute of it. ok, well sometimes I get bored, because none of my friends live close, so I am home alot, which is boring often :( like you, I am excited to put the wii to good use! maybe get fit for real this time! oh, and your family is really adorable, i like your blog. I want to add you to the list of blogs I like. if that is ok.

Romney family said...

thanks! I will add you now. :) we picked a pretty awesome middle name for our kids if I do say so. :) that's fun! oh thats ok, if you don't read my whole blog, you may not have time, it is a LOT! but its fun. I didn't really know if many people read it or even wanted to. but it is like my journal. I record everything on it! helpful for when I need to remember when stuff happened, like teething and walking and family stuff you know?

Romney family said...

ps do you have a name I can call you, or would you rather not?? :)