Monday, August 4, 2008

Not much has happened.

The girls brought blankets and pillows out to watch fireworks.

"Q" found a dandelion to blow on

This is "Hearts" L's new dog that she bought at Walmart with her b-day money.

So I havent posted in a few days, because really not alot has happened. I spent Wednesday and Thursday gathering items to sale at a multi -family yard sale a friend of mine was having. Friday and Saturday I sat out in the hot sun with some friends, watching children, and greeting our eager yard salers. We definitely met some interesting people I can assure you. Our children ran amuck outside all day playing and having a great time. Out of 2 days I made about 115.00 dollars , so not to shabby really. So 2 days and 115.00 = hot sun (my face fried), good friends, happy kids (sometimes not so happy), all in all I had a good time. I had alot of baby clothes when I started and I still had alot when it ended so I decided that instead of packing it home I would donate them to the D.I.

Saturday while I was at the yard sale with the 2 littlest, Mike took L to Walmart (30 miles from home) so that she could spend her birthday money. And she spent it all. While over ther Mike visited his cousin, who told us that we were invited to Grandma's for dinner. This is a great treat cause we all Love Grandmas cookin. Well upon arrival at Grandma's we realized that we had not actually been invited to Grandma's for dinner, only Mikes cousin and family had. It was very ackward, she of course accomodated, and let it be known that she tries not to have to many Kids at the house at any given time for Grandpa's sake. Yeah, we still felt like huge idiots.

That night their was fireworks at the park for our local yearly celebration, we opted to stay home and watch them from the front yard. We got home right around 8:30 or so from Grandma's and decided that the fireworks would start anytime so we all gathered outside to hang out. Well we waited, and waited and waited. They did not start until 10:30. But kids had a blast so well worth it.

Sunday, well I think that I may have caught a bug of some sort because I seriously got out of bed at 11, by 1 I was back in bed and slept until 5:45 with two really cozy tots laying by my side. Finally we got up and had dinner (at this point we opted for pizza hut cause I certainly did not want to cook). We tried the pasta , the chicken one, it was so tasty, I will definitely get it again. After that I was back in bed close to 10 , again with a cozy tot laying by my side ( she would not sleep since she had such a late nap).

And finally today, I woke up feeling pretty good, started cleaning my house and then it all hit me again. I did not feel so good. Alas, I only accomplished a few things but better than nothing I suppose. It happens alot that I do not feel well , but usually I can trudge forth and it will go unnoticed to all but me, this week however it hit me like a sack of bricks.


Redhoodoos said...

I think you should have a physical. I mean, of course having three little kids will make you tired but I wonder if it's something more. I wasn't feeling well a lot of the time and I couldn't pin point any one thing. The doctor ran some blood tests and that's what started the whole deal for me. Have you ever had your thyroid checked?

Anyway - sorry you're not feeling well. Hang in there chickie.

"Q" Tips, "K"razy fun and daily "L"ife said...

I have been thinking the same thing-sure kids may make me tired but I should not be exhausted all the time- as soon as Mikes insurance kicks in, I am on my way!

Redhoodoos said...


Redhoodoos said...

Hey, I like the look of the new blog!! That is really cool!

Frumpy Luv said...

hey there - so happy to see your comment on my blog!!! I think that is so much fun that you and Red are related - I have been so loving getting to know her. Having a physical does sound like a good idea - I hope you get insurance soon and that everything checks out!!! Take care!