Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quick little update

So this last two weeks I suddenly started watching a 1 year old little girl. It all started on a Monday, this lady called me to see if I would be interested in this opportunity. We set up to meet that night and discuss everything. All went well and we decided she would come her first time that Friday. However just an hour later or so she called me back to see if she could bring her daughter on Tuesday morning and she would stay till one when her mom and sister got back from a shopping trip that they had planned. So I said ok. Tuesday turned into Wednesday and all the rest of the week. She is the cutest little girl, quiet, sweet and fun. No complaints at all. She has already grown on me. However she has never been around stairs before and I have two sets of stairs so suddenly I am using baby gates. My kids hate them. They felt like they were trapped. When they realized that they could get up and out by telling me they wanted out so that I could lift them over, well I became a body builder in training.
Yeah! I am pretty sure I will be a body builder by the time this little girl turns too.. Holy cow... Do you know how much a 7 year old weighs. And to lift from one step off level all the way over a gate, OUCH.. My 2, and 3 year old and the 4 year old I watch , well I think that they think it is fun to get lifted over the gates because I swear to you it is every two minutes. Like they get over the gate run around for one second and then they want over the gate again. It is exhausting.

I am working with the little girl to get used to the stairs but it is not easy all day to go up and down the stairs at her pace. And to watch her teetering at the very top and getting ready to topple, definitely gets a heart pounding.

Thats it for now a little update, nothing much.