Friday, October 10, 2008

Crazy Days...

Wow it seems like my days are cram packed but i don't actually accomplish anything at all. My house is never totally clean and my dishes are never totally done, but hey we are having fun. I currently watch a 4 year old on a daily basis, he is a great kid, quiet and fun. But I also watch my friends kids whenever they need help. Why? Because I love all of the kids that I watch so it is really no big thang, and two sometimes I make some extra cash that really helps out the family. Ecspecially with Christmas creeping in! This week and for the next few weeks I will be and have been watching my friends two kids for only an hour or so a day for 3 or 4 days a week so she can go to the chiropractor cause she threw her back out. I have another friend that is a massage therapist and gets calls to go meet a client on short notice and I have the luxury of being around to help her out when she needs me.

Today for example was a crazy day... I got kids up and dressed and we headed off to the park with friend and her two kids. The kids rode their bikes and trikes and had fun. We stayed until about 11:15 and then we headed back to my house to make lunch for our hubbies. At about noon another friend dropped off her daughter, because her husband is sick and had a doctors appointment. My hubby and Melissa's hubby came to the house for lunch about 12:05. And then another friend dropped off her two kids around 12:20 because she had a hair appointment. Around 1:30 my friend Melissa and her two kids left. Around 3 my friend came and got her 1 child and then around 3:30 the other two kids got picked up. All of my days are like that, every day. It keeps me so entertained and busy that my days are flying by, and my kids are having tons of fun because there is always some one around to play with.


Redhoodoos said...

Wow Amanda - you really are busy. I had forgotten how hectic it can be to stay home with kids. I lost so much time when I was at home - I felt like I was always busy but it didn't seem like I accomplished anything. You are doing a great thing by being home with your kids - they will never forget it.

Tell the Codster thanks for helping me to follow your blog. He is so smart! I tried to leave a comment on his myspace but it said I needed to sign it and that is apparently way too complicated for me!!! Tell him I love him.

Romney family said...

Oh wow! you are busy. holy moly! I also do so much during the day, and by the time DH gets off work, the kids are all gone, the house is a mess I am exhausted and I know he has to be thinking: did you do ANYTHING today??? lol oh i forgot about christmas, thanks for the reminder. :) ps I emailed you about my bows. thanks!