Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Corn Maze adventure.

Now this was a fun day for us. We went to our local corn maize.

Here is what the web page says they have:
a Corn Box

a Pumpkin Launcher
a Corn Launcher

a Cow Train
a Hayride

a Pumpkin Patch
a Hay Jump

a PVC Slide

as well as the maize. Here are our adventures:

My kids all loved the cow train. They rode it twice.

"K" on the PVC slide. I think, oddly, that this was their favorite. For some reason though she was terrified to go down sitting up, so this is how she did it.

"Q" enjoying the PVC slide.

This is the tube slide that was attached to the hay jump. "Q" went down once and biffed it at the end so he would not do it again. The girls had fun.

The Hayride from the farm, where the maize was located, to the pumpkin patch.

We chose our pumpkin.

Look at our pumpkin!

This is a pic of "Q" while he was feeding the goats. He thought it was hilarious to get right up to them and then throw the food at them.

They were very friendly and ate the food right out of your hands.

"L" has been to the maize with school previously so she thought that she could get us through it but dad had to come to her rescue and guide us out.

"Q" was not a happy camper throughout the maize. We made him walk with us and he did not like it. He wanted carried.

"K" is so mellow. She was just along for the fun.

"K" in the corn box. Oddly they also loved this adventure.

"L" playing in the corn.

I never got a pic of "Q" , he did not venture far in and every time he did and I tried to take a pic someone got in the way.

The maize was fun and we had a good day. They had a few hidden fees that we were aware of. For example: The kids all hopped into the cow for a good fun Cow Train ride, and then we were told it was 1.00 per person. Ouch. But they were already in so we had to pay. They loved it so much they 'puppy dog eyed us' into another ride. Another $3.00 ouch. The ride to the pumpkin patch was free but you don't know how much the pumpkins you choose are, until you get back to the farm. We paid $3.00 for one pumpkin. The pumpkin launcher and Corn launcher also cost money. We never ended up doing those. We were there for about 2 hours or so and we had a good time. We will probably do it again next year.


Romney family said...

I never even saw this post! what the. lol anyway looks like so much fun! what a good mommy you are taking your kids to do fun things and carving pumpkins!!