Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ok so my kids decided they like to jump on everything so for "K's" B-day we bought her a new jump house, it has been a huge hit. If they start jumping on furniture I say "we are not supposed to jump on the (couch) (bed) whatever" and they say "Jump house only" and take off running for it. It is the best ever. There are so many emotions that kids go through and I have seen them all with this toy. One second happy, laughing, giggling fun. The next is anger and crying and pain. It has been a blast!

However it did not last long, with at least 4 kids a day (and usually much more) playing in it , it has not lasted long. It has 3 holes in it and they are all in seams so I can not seem to get them to seal. So everyday I air it up and it lasts like 20 minutes. So we do that over and over.
Oh what I will do for kids entertainment.


Romney family said...

thats happy and sad. dang it! the thing looks so fun though! ha ha, sweet! oh, also I am glad you like my bows! there are about 15 new ones he is putting up tonight ha ha! thanks again! :)