Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sparkles in my eye...

You might think that this post is about my kids or even something great in my life, but on the contrary this is my VENTING post about the dreaded MIGRAINE.... Ughh.. For me this starts with a sparkle in my eye- i am fine one minute and then all of a sudden without any warning at all, i start seeing sparkles. I am not really sure what causes them but usually they start at the most inopertune(not sure if that is a word or how to spell the word)moments in time. After the sparkle i start feeling the pain in my head, horrible pain. Next the dreaded upset stomach and severe nausea. The only option i have now is to pop a pain killer-usually Excedrine Migraine- shut out the lights and take a nap. I wish- usually i am home alone with my 3 kids and it is not easy to ignore 3 kids so a nap is usually not an option, however my oldest daughter is awesome and helps out alot. I suffer for usually four or five hours and then finally the pain has subsided enough that i can start moving around and getting things done. I always just hope that i don't cough because i would probably cry. The worst part of it is when i have something scheduled with my kids and i have to cancel. For example: I recently had my little brother staying with us, so i told all the kids i would take them to free lunch at the park, and then they could play at the park. They all got dressed, I got sun block spread over all of them, and then my mom called and as i was talking to her, it hit me, the sparkles. I explained to my oldest that i just had to cancel and that i just could not take them. She really tried to act grown up. She said "thats ok mom, I guess i will go wipe the sunblock off everyone." Now how sweet and innocent is that? My kids are awesome.
I guess i have a question; are there any other migraine sufferers out there?
If so , are you on any medications?
Do you know what causes them?
How bad are they ( I understand that some people suffer for days)?

Thanks for letting me vent!


Redhoodoos said...

Ouch! That sounds awful. I've never had a migraine. Todd gets them every once in a while. So does Connor's dad. Todd gets them when he's tired or overworked or its hot. He does what you do - he takes drugs and then holes up in our bedroom and tries to make it as dark as possible.

Lynzi is such a sweetheart to help you. What a cutie.