Monday, July 21, 2008


Saturday, about 11:00pm we had what appears to be a dry microburst! At first it was just really bad lightning, followed by a warm breeze.
This was a crazy night. My husband and I were outside trying to pick things up cause we saw how massive the wind was, at the same time my daughter started screaming in the bedroom because the wind had somehow knocked our attic door open and it scared her. So we went to help her and calm her and the power went out , which scared the kids even more. We had to search the house for flashlights and get them settled etc...Mean while outside my husbands bar b q grill had been picked up and knocked over- propane tank and all. We have a rocking horse thing outside that blew around the side yard and into the street. We had 2 childrens toy kitchens outside , one blew into the street and the other one , we could not find until morning, was across the street in the neighbors back yard. Luckily nothing severe happened but it was definitely a creepy night. The lights were out for 4 or 5 hours, the kids went to bed about an hour before they came on. My husband did the drive around because he had heard something about a mini tornado. He said he saw alot of branches scattered everywhere, and alot of cop cars and such, but no sign of an actual tornado. So we still think that it was just a microburst. We spent alot of time outside trying to listen to the news in the car and talking to the neighbors. There was alot of downed trees, and branches. Cops and fire sirens flailing in the distance.
Just a few minutes before it all happened I was outside taking pictures of the moon, the sky was really dark and black. After the wind storm , everything stopped completely. No wind, rain, lightning or thunder but the air was very warm , almost hot.
Unfortunately I have no pictures of the storm.


Redhoodoos said...

I love summer storms. I don't like the damage they can do - but it's kind of cool when the sky gets dark and the rains come in. Scary for kids though. Glad no one was hurt.

I just love that you're blogging - you always have such interesting things to blog about! =)