Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I learn something new everyday.

So here we are , it is my family plus a few extra, you see I had my cousins out here staying with us for a week or so. The oldest being sixteen (16) and the youngest being eight (8). Now I can tell you that they live about 150 miles away from me and I do not see them often so as you can imagine I learned alot of new things within the week. I learned that the older of the two puts peanut butter on her pancakes, now I confess, this is a habit I have acquired over the years. It tastes so good, but my husband thinks I am a Looney! Now I can prove that I am not the only one with this crazy habit. I learned so many things that I can't even remember at the moment but many eye openers. The cousins have come and gone, and one has come again.

I now again have my little eight (8) year old cousin staying with us. He has a mohawk. Not a little one but a big one and at first sight I also realized it was blue. I just knew that I have my week cut out for me. All in all so far so good.

Now the one thing that I want to tell you that I truly learned, a life altering realization, a mind shattering numbing truth actually occurred when he was here for his first visit. Our whole family plus the cousins decided to venture out to the lake. Oh Happy Day! The kids are outside and in water , a win win situation. The water is freezing - oh yes- perhaps we ventured a little to soon, nonetheless we swam. The subject came up about drowning , I started telling my daughter that she needs to learn to float, so that if she gets in a situation where she is tired she can flip over on her back and usually will prevent such a tragedy as drowning. Everyone there proceeded to show her about floating and trying to get her to float. I too, was floating. Here it comes....My cousin (8) blurted out these words....... "FAT PEOPLE CAN FLOAT!"

This is what i have learned...


Redhoodoos said...

Oh my. OH MY. Little kids are just so very good at speaking their minds. When I first married Todd - my new stepkids were ruthless without even trying to be. I was told that my hands looked old. I found that my backpack had been rummaged through and when I asked Darren and Elora about it - they said they wanted to see if I was a witch. True story. Then we went swimming and Larissa told me she wanted to see what I looked like in a swimsuit - so I just stood there. She gave me the up and down a few times and even circled me - checking out my swimsuit body. She just shrugged and said hmm. Then she ran off. I FELT SO VIOLATED!! And she was only 4. LOL.

You are not alone. Have fun with the blue mohawk cousin that speaks his mind! ;)