Monday, July 28, 2008

I am so not a Happy camper!

The storm rolling in on Saturday night.

The wildlife that crept up on our campsite.

The fishing pond close to where we camped.

The storm again.

During the storm.

Our tent.

We had a really bad fire last year, and this is what the beginning of the canyon looks like.

The river.

The Burn site warning.

So we went camping this weekend, we went with a bunch of friends up to the Uintas. I realized that I am so not a camper. We forgot a ton of stuff, plates, silverware, accesories of all kinds. We only had enough food to last us the first night. Thank heaven for good friends or we would have starved to death. Oh also, we only camped about 30 minutes from home, so you better believe we went home Saturday and stocked up. The first night we put our tent in a terrible spot- we ended up being right where everyone parked there cars and camp trailers. There was people walking back and forth around my tent all night, and the campers had generators running all night. The tent was terribly uneven , so when I first laid down for the night, I think my body contorted in 3 different directions, needless to say I ended up sleeping in the backseat of my Tahoe. Neither of which were very comfortable. On saturday we played a few games of Paintball, my first time ever, and I can say that I still luckily have never been pegged by a paintball. My husband however not so fortunate, he has 3 mega welts. That part of the day was fun. That night we moved the tent, but it rained for like 3 hours solid so our stuff was damp, and it was so cold, again I ended up sleeping in the Tahoe again... And don't even get me started on the no toilet thing... I am way to spoiled apparently because that was the absolute worst part of my days in the middle of nowhere. I am just a wimp I guess but for some reason, I have no interest in camping again for awhile. The scenery however was beautiful. On sunday morning we actually had a deer come dang near right into the campground. All in all , it was a good weekend with friends, a small break from the kids (even though I was having kid withdrawls the first night)(and panic because my phone had no service at all, and my phone is my lifeline), and beautiful scenery.


Redhoodoos said...

Wow - sounds miserable. You guys are getting so much rain. I HATE camping when it rains - it's just not fun. Everything gets so dirty. Ugh!

At least you made the best of it!