Saturday, February 14, 2009

25 things about my valentine.

Basically the same rules as the "25 Random Things" list, but with a sappy, mushy twist. Send to 25 people...and don't forget to send it to YOUR Valentine. Happy V-Day.

1. My valentine loves music.
2. My valentine can make me laugh until I cry.
3. My valentine works his butt off so I can stay home and raise our children.
4. My valentine more often than not is thinking the exact same thing I am.
5. My valentine loves candy!
6. My valentine has 2 tattoos and wants many more.
7. My valentine loves to play nintendo games and because of that we own an xbox, xbox360, dreamcast, playstation 2, wii, psp.
8. My valentine has the best smile ever.
9. My valentine attempts to get me whatever I want if I mention something.
10. My valentine will let me sleep in on the weekends.
11. My valentine is spoiled rotten by me and usually gets whatever he wants.
12. My valentine watches chic flicks with me.
13. My valentine makes me the best tasting steak ever.
14. My valentine is learning how to tattoo other people.
15. My valentine is carefree and just loves to hang out and have a good time.
16. My valentine loves popcorn.
17. My valentine doesn't complain if the house is a mess or because he has to eat cereal for dinner.
18. My valentine loves to spoil the kids and tries to give them whatever they want.
19. My valentine owns a chevrolet camino that sits in our garage and rarely moves but he loves it.
20. My valentine gave up a lifestyle I did not agree with just to be with me.
21. My valentine Always wears a hat.
22. My valentine proposed to me on Christmas day while I was sitting on the couch watching Munsters.
23. My valentine tells me he loves me every day and I believe him.
24. My valentine loves hanging out with our kids.
25. My valentine is dang handsome.


Cabin Fever said...

I love this post and what a great idea. My favorite thing about Mike
is how great a dad he is. He always
listens to them and plays with them. He is a proud Papa.

Cabin Fever said...

Oh yeah, I didn't know about the Munsters proposal. How funny and romantic!

flagboy said...

hi, Mandy. Great blog. Your mom is teaching me this comment procedure as we speak!

Redhoodoos said...

This was so sweet! What a clever idea to do this. You have a great man. I noticed too what relaxed and carefree person he is - and he is such a great dad. The kids just love to be around him!

Romney family said...

Oh, this one made me happy. You are very lucky :) how are you?