Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My "K" says the darndest things!

So yesterday was an eventful day (not really eventful but for me eventful), I watched a friends 2 kids all day long from 7:30 to 3:30. All day I pondered... and made a decision, I was taking my littles to the clinic. My "Q" has had fevers for a few days and a strange rash, my "K" has what looks to be an infected toe. (Ouch). I called the hospital and I was told clinic starts at 4. So immediately we were on the move, my friend picked up her kids and we were out the door. We got to the clinic and they said "oh this doctor does not start until 5 today, but we can sign you in", so I signed in and headed for the wait. My kids decided they needed to potty. We headed down the "ALLIGATOR" (this is what K called it, she wanted to ride down the alligator) to the bathroom. Shucks it is closed for cleaning. We head back up the 'alligator' find out where the next bathroom is, head back down the 'alligator' to the next nearest bathroom. Shucks. It too is closed for cleaning. Spinning circles looking like a dear in headlights, someone decides to point me in the direction of the next nearest bathroom. Woohoo. We made it. 2 kids down, one wont go, that being "Q". It is now 4:30 so we head back, we decided to take the stairs this time. It is two sets of stairs , you walk up one and then turn corner and walk the next. We get to the top of the first set , getting ready to turn the corner when "K" announces loudly " MOM, LOOK AT THAT FAT BELLY" and pointed to someone walking in the front doors. Needless to say I pretty much ran the next set of stairs embarassed.
We got back to the waiting room, kids running and playing. "K" stops in front of the lady sitting across from us and says "MOM I DONT LIKE THAT LADY". OY! How embarassing
, I apologized to her and then had to quietly explain to "K" that we dont say these sorts of things.
Suddenly "Q" decides he needs to potty again. Luckily the first bathroom had opened up. The rest of the visit was uneventful. "K" is on antibiotic,and "Q" has viral exanthom? whatever that is. Apparently a viral infection but caused him to get a rash?
(Oh and a side note, sitting in the pharmacy there was an older lady with dark black hair and really bright lipstick. My kids refused to sit by her , and she knew it she looked at me and said "I think I scare them!"


Cabin Fever said...

I hope kids get better soon. You are way tooo busy!

Cabin Fever said...

I have decided "K" has great instincts. I hope she always follows them.